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The transition from the currently used internet protocol version IPv4 to the official successor protocol IPv6 is an important technical requirement for the ongoing development of communication and network infrastructures within the next years. Therefore the security of IPv6 networks is of high social relevance and importance.

From new protocols and novel protocol approaches related to IPv6 different yet unknown security risks resulted. Currently a deficit on tools for the analysis of the threat level in IPv6 networks exists. The same applies for the testing of the protective effect of IPv6 firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems.

Since IPv4 is not compatible to IPv6, existing tools cannot be used for this task. Particularly adapted tools for IPv6 are not available so far or only in reduced form.

In the context of this project data over the actual, current threat situation within IPv6 network infrastructures should be collected. Further generic analysis and penetration tools are to be created, with which a network administrator is put into the position to validate and certify the correct and error free configuration of protection and security solutions for IPv6 networks.

The results of the workshop can be found here.

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